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There are some selections of stone that are just out of this world incredible! To imagine that these stones are created by mother nature is truly amazing.  There are some stones that can be cut into slabs like Onyx, and then there are some man-made slabs that take semi precious stones that naturally don’t occur in large enough sections. These engineered slabs are resined together and carefully crafted to a predetermined size of slab. Ceasarstone’s Concetto line is one of the most gorgeous line of semi precious stones around!

Onyx is often confused with marble, but in truth it is a completely different type of rock. It is actually a sedimentary (versus metamorphic) stone that is formed similarly like a stalagmite and stalactite in cave interiors. This drip method of depositing minerals results in a crypto-crystalline construction and gives most varieties of onyx a translucent property. Though onyx is highly vulnerable to chemical and abrasive damage, its beauty is one of natures unsurpassed achievements!

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